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Internet of Things (IoT)

Get Comprehensive IT and OT Management

Cisco management and automation solutions provide enhanced security and control and support for multiple siloed functions. They can also enable the convergence of operational technology (OT) data with the IT network.

Our management and automation solutions offer:

  • Portfolio breadth
    Cisco delivers management platforms tailored to functional needs. Cisco IoT Field Network Director provides a robust management solution for field area networks. The Cisco Prime portfolio of workflow-oriented management tools supports convergence of IT and OT networks. And Cisco IOx APIs can enable organizations to integrate your own management applications.
  • Network elasticity
    Easily scale up or down, as required. IoT Field Network Director and Cisco Industrial Operations Kit run on the Cisco UCS platform, which can scale to support any number of devices and associated data.
  • Policy automation and compliance
    Maintain regulatory compliance by automating business policies across IT and OT environments. Automate policies to check device configurations at established intervals to help IT and OT environments stay compliant.
  • Integrated security
    Increase security while monitoring and controlling IT and OT devices and data. Cisco TrustSec and Identity Services Engine automate and enforce highly secure access to resources throughout the network to help ensure that sensitive data is accessible only to authorized personnel.

Cisco Management and Automation Delivers Business Outcomes

  • Reduce management complexity
    Cisco IoT Field Network Director and Cisco Prime deliver robust, yet intuitive, workflow-oriented management solutions for many functional groups. Cisco solutions span from the cloud to the fog and run on an integrated architecture. Regulatory compliance is dramatically simplified as existing business policies are expanded to run in OT environments.
  • Get vertical-specific customization
    Cisco management and analytics solutions are highly customizable to fit the needs of each functional group. Cisco IoT Field Network Director supports customization to monitor, collect, and display the necessary metrics across all functional groups.
  • Improve security
    Collect, analyze, and store data within a highly secure architecture. Automate and enforce highly secure access to network resources. Integrate physical security to improve control over physical spaces while generating actionable security intelligence across the entire deployment.

Cisco Management and Automation Portfolio

Management tools:

SDKs and open APIs:

  • Cisco IOx
Turn IoT Data into Immediate Action

Turn IoT Data into Immediate Action

Use Cisco Fog Computing with IOx.